[FREE] BookOS - Your semi automated personal library to track your reading and take smart notes.

Julia Pagani
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🔍 Unleash Reading Potential: BookOS - Your Notion Portal to Transformed Reading

Discover a transformative way to indulge in your favorite books and nurture your reading habits with the remarkable BookOS Notion template. Unleash the power of simplicity and organization as you embark on an inspiring journey of literary exploration. Whether you're a seasoned bibliophile or just taking your first steps into the world of reading, BookOS is your ultimate companion to track, manage, and relish your reading endeavors.

🚀 For Whom is BookOS Crafted?

Are you new to Notion and eager to embark on a journey of tracking your reading habits? BookOS is tailor-made for you. Designed with the novice in Notion in mind, this intuitive template empowers you to effortlessly kickstart your reading journey, turning it into an engaging and enriching experience.

📝 Unleash Your Inner Wordsmith: BookOS' Notion Elegance

🎉 Embrace Your Reading Journey

📝 Capture notes, quotes, and insights for every book.

🌐 Expand your note taking and learning with ChatGPT commands.

🏆 Celebrate and view your top 10 reads with the review system.

🔍 Insightful Tracking Made Easy

📊 Visualize categories and book counts for a clear overview.

📋 Monitor your reading progress and celebrate your achievements.

💭 Create an enticing wishlist to fuel your future reading escapades.

Who am I?

I’m an official Notion Creator, entrepreneur, business and productivity mentor. A Brazilian-Italian living in Finland.

Is Notion free?

Yes, Notion is a free app and all my templates do not require you to upgrade.

Do you have AI in your templates?

AI usage is optional and you can turn any field as you please, but it not required. AI is a limited and paid function and therefore not obligatory.

How long do I have access to the template for?

Your purchase on Gumroad is yours forever, and so is the template!

Can I share the templates with my friends?

Absolutely not! That’s against the law. I can see who accesses the pages. These templates take hours of work, please honor creators.

Do I have to pay for product updates?

Nope. You will be notified when a product is updated.

Unless there’s a major product update, where the entire structure is changed (let’s say if Notion itself changes drastically), then I will basically be creating a new template. In this case, I will offer a 50% discount code to existing customers of V1 of that template.

What if I mess up the template after duplicating it? Do I have to buy again?

You don't have to buy again. Access your Gumroad page and duplicate the template again and start from 0!

Do the templates work seamlessly on the phone?

Yes! Plus, if you’re on iOS or iPadOS, you can create widgets to have quick access to the most important parts of your workspace on a tap.

Can I use Notion in all my devices?

Yes, check Notion compatibility here →

Do I have offline access to the template, just in case?

Notion offline access is a bit limited, due to the sheer size workspaces can get (some of workspaces get to 10gb, which is unviable for most devices still.)

So, if you would like to have offline access to a certain part of your workspace, you can open that page on your device and leave Notion app opened to ensure the page will remain cached locally in your device. Some features won’t work.

For example, when I go to the gym, I don’t have access to my data plan because the signal is really bad. Before leaving home, I make sure to leave my workout page for the day open so I can access and log my weight as I workout.

Is this the exact same template you use in your personal life?

All my templates that I sell are the same ones I use. Sometimes, my templates are hyperconnected with my system, so I dumb them down in order to fit most people’s needs.

I don’t sell anything I wouldn’t use or need myself, that’s one of my rules.

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[FREE] BookOS - Your semi automated personal library to track your reading and take smart notes.

4 ratings
I want this!